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Why is natural deodorant so good?

It is hard to imagine leaving home in the morning without applying deodorant to the armpits. Deodorant has become an essential part of the daily grooming routine for many of us.

But don’t you sometimes find yourself smelling of sweat at the end of the day despite using deodorant regularly? That’s a common problem. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with your body. It can also indicate that the deodorant you are using is not right for you.

If your deodorant isn’t effective or is causing a stinging sensation when applied, you may want to try something different. Regular deodorants are usually aluminum-based and that same aluminum was at a time linked with increased occurrence of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. That claim has since been debunked but it still made people examine the ingredients in their deodorants more carefully.

It was later discovered that parabens and alcohol used in many cosmetics, not only deodorants, can be harsh when used on delicate skin. Other chemicals found in deodorants can also cause a change in the natural pH balance of your skin, making it easier for bacteria to grow. Synthetic fragrances that give deodorant its amazing scent are made of potentially harmful chemicals. Regular deodorants are still safe to use as no scientific studies proved that they are detrimental to human health but still, since the original claim about breast cancer the interest in natural deodorants has only been growing.

What are natural deodorants?

Natural deodorants don’t use alcohol or aluminum-based chemicals and they use only ingredients that are easily recognizable and can be pronounced by anyone easily. Most of them are very good at what deodorants are supposed to do – mask the smell of sweat. But don’t expect them to have the same properties as antiperspirants. No natural ingredient is able to block the sweat glands and prevent you from secreting sweat altogether.

Natural deodorant is a great solution if you struggle with sensitive skin. Natural ingredients not only will not cause it harm, but they will also improve its appearance through the moisturizing abilities of such ingredients as shea butter or coconut oil.

Best brands of natural deodorant

One of the oldest brands making natural deodorant is Crystal. They have been in business for more than thirty years now. They started with mineral salt deodorant and have since then released a wide array of deodorant products. Check out the Crystal Deodorant reviews to find the one for you. All of their deodorants come in either stick, roll-on, or spray form.

Schmidt’s is another maker that has its roots in creating cosmetics from easily available ingredients in a DIY fashion. Their signature sandalwood and citrus deodorant uses shea butter, natural wax, arrowroot powder, and various oils to create an effective combination that smells amazing. Read the Schmidt’s deodorant review to find out what makes Schmidt’s deodorant so good.

The increasing number of natural deodorants on the market makes it difficult to find the right one for your needs. And don’t trust the label blindly, always check the ingredient list to see if the deodorant really is as ‘natural’ as it claims to be.

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