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Do you need to use a waist trainer belt?

Did you ever think to yourself how great it would be if you could lose fat from just this one body part? Was that body part, by any chance, your belly?

A waist trainer belt, also called a trimmer belt, can aid you in the quest for a flat tummy. While it is no magic cure, it can provide tremendous help if used correctly.

A waist trainer belt is a piece of elastic rubber material that goes on your waist. It compresses the fat around the mid-section of your body and creates heat, which in turn makes you sweat profusely under the belt. The heat makes body temperature rise and that makes it easier to burn more calories. It’s really this simple.

When to wear a waist trainer belt?

You can wear a waist trainer belt anytime you want! If you put it on when sitting or lying down, the generated heat will be minimal but it will still be there. It can take up to around 20 minutes for sweat to appear. You can also wear one underneath your regular clothes to help you appear slimmer and more toned, acting like a corset we see on tiny-waisted women in history movies. There are some waist trainer belts that are designed especially for this purpose and they’re practically invisible when under clothing. They can also make your posture look better because the belt will remind you to keep your back straight.

But a waist trainer belt is most effective when used during a workout. Raising your body’s core temperature makes the workout itself more intense by burning more fat and calories. So if you’re going to wear one for only an hour or so, make sure that it’s going to be during the time of day you move most. E.g. even if you’re not planning on working out that day, wear it while you clean or run errands rather than when sitting in front of the tv.

What to remember about?

A waist trainer belt will make you sweat. To keep from being dehydrated you need to drink more water than usual. Otherwise, any positive benefits to wearing a waist trainer belt will be lost.

Also, a waist trainer belt is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Just putting it on will not bring any visible effects unless you eat healthily and move your body regularly. But it is an excellent supplement that can enrich your usual fitness routine. It doesn’t cost much but can yield surprisingly good results if properly used.

To summarize, should you use a waist trainer belt while working out? Sure! There are literally no downsides to wearing it (as long as you remember to drink enough water) AND it can help you shave off the last remaining inch to finally reach your target body shape.

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